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The Lirac appellation

The Lirac vineyards are located in the famous area of the Côtes du Rhône, its prestige dating back to the XVI century.
Historically, Lirac wines had the place of pride on French and European royal tables. However, there is much evidence that wine cultivation in the Lirac appellation dates back to the Roman Empire.
Avignon’s popes, particularly John XXII, had summer houses in the medieval village of Saint Laurent des Arbres, next to Le Clos des Sources. The countess de Sévigné encouraged the king to drink Lirac wines because it “did him a world of good.”
Thanks to a classic Mediterranean climate and an yearly average temperature of 14°C (57°F), Lirac’s vineyards enjoy a yearly amount of 2,700 hours of sun and a very low amount of rain. Moreover, the mistral (the name of the local wind) blows almost 180 days per year and contributes to cleansing the grapes before they are harvested. The red lands with pebbles produce strong red wines, whereas the siliceous lands produce fresh rosé wines.